With superior knowledge of various types of aircraft and many years in the aviation industry, AAS has the ability to find the right aircraft for your wants and needs at the best possible price. Through our vast experiences, we have found a specific process for acquiring your next aircraft.

Analysis & Criteria

  • Listen to our client’s wants and needs.
  • Advise on best aircraft for required missions at best price and operating costs.
  • Find most suitable and available aircraft.
  • Provide specs. and photos on selected aircraft.

 Due Diligence & Delivery

  • Work to accept or reject aircraft at completion of inspection.
  • Assist with any new paint, interior, avionics and other installations or requirements.
  • Help to coordinate aircraft delivery and any post sale client needs.

Seamless Acquisition Process

  • Assist client in obtaining financing if necessary.
  • Negotiate terms and price on aircraft of interest.
  • Draft Letter of Intent and Purchase Agreement.
  • At acceptance of terms, execute Purchase Agreement.
  • Work directly with escrow to open account, wire deposit, start lien searches, etc. and FAA documents.
  • Prepare any contracts or agreements necessary and negotiate terms of sale.
  • Handle pre-purchase inspection.