Pre-Sales Analysis

  • Proper aircraft evaluation to establish current market value.
  • Market summary of comparable aircraft currently for sale, those recently sold and average days on market.
  • Analyze and discuss current market conditions.
  • Strategic plan to sell.

Closing & Fulfillment

  • Prepare any contracts or agreements necessary and negotiate terms of sale.
  • Work to set up escrow arrangements and all required FAA documents for closing.

Aircraft Marketing

  • Obtain photos of aircraft, gather equipment list, maintenance status and create marketable specification sheet.
  • Create a buzz for aircraft and announce new listing by email campaigns and prospecting calls.
  • Place selected photos on company website along with company designed spec. sheet as well as all other appropriate aircraft for sale websites and publications.
  • Respond to all leads separating serious inquiries from others.
  • Review and present any realistic offers.
  • Consistent updates on all inquiries, current market and any competing aircraft.